Monday, 18 May 2015

May Reflection

After exploring SOLO last term in terms of my own research and reading I was quite keen to try and start implementing some aspects of it into the classroom. However over the past few weeks have revised my thinking. Part of this change was being made aware that there were different interpretations and understandings of what SOLO is and involves. I feel that it is better we are on the same page as a whole school as it involves a common language and common understandings. So for the moment I have parked it. This doesn't mean though that I have parked trying to incorporate more higher order thinking in reading. I have quite a range of abilities in my reading groups and find that half of my groups (who are reading at a Year 1 level) are really in need of regular small group instruction. However the follow-ups that I have been trying to use with them have been a little challenging in light of their chrome books skills (among other things). So what I have found is that while ideally I still want to have follow-up activities that require thought if this takes time away from instructional reading time it is a bit counterproductive. The problem also is that if it is too challenging that group is more demanding of my time which takes time away from the other groups. I am going to look more into using the ipads and 'explaineverything' as a way to support these groups into higher order thinking that is more easily manageable. With my more able groups we have spent a few weeks doing some reading about ANZAC with the task of creating an ANZAC movie. In hindsight I have realised they needed more step by step support with this. We are persevering with this.