Thursday, 19 February 2015

Kia ora

Kia ora all. Welcome to my blog where I will be writing about my learning journey for this year 2015.
Here is a link to a previous site I was writing about my teaching journey in 2013 when I was part of a MITA group (Manaiakalani Innovative Teacher Academy).

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  1. Hi there Ms Squires! I actually came across your site earlier this year - totally by accident! I knew all that you had shared there - though to see it actually written down...WOW!!! You are certainly a huge part of what our school has achieved and continue to work through. My own children who were in your care still speak very fondly of being in your class..."It's where we like...well mum our minds exploded!! We got to experience so many things on so many levels". So Ms Squires I am looking forward to you journey this year and what you will share here. You are one amazing teacher - generous with what you discover and more!