Sunday, 26 February 2017

My Inquiry

2017 - THE PLAN

Last year after looking at possibilities for using the reading recovery method but in a small group. we decided that this year we would trial the Quick 60 programme. A separate component of Quick 60 is a Foundation Programme; a new entrant class where the emphasis is on a structured method of learning the alphabet letters and sounds along with the basic words and early reading understandings. We decided we would also trial a Quick 60 Foundation reception class with the idea that children would stay in this class for a term or term and a 1/2 before being transitioned into the class they would be in for the rest of the year. 

Initially I arranged a visit to the Point England Kindergarten to see how best I could provide an environment that was a good transition into the expectations of school. I was impressed with the thinking skills and problem solving the kindergarten setting provided, with lots of opportunities for creative play and meaningful interactions between children. Given interesting and engaging activities lead to children having opportunities to hold conversations which extended their vocabulary and language structures while also extending their thinking, problem solving skills and social skills. I had the realisation that at school we too quickly limit the possibilities for children to nurture these skills by giving them such a narrow range of experiences in their daily school life. I decided that I would try to incorporate more free play into my reception programme alongside the very structured literacy learning the Quick 60 programme provided.

Another factor I wanted to include in the programme which connected well with the creative play was an emphasis on oral language building. I had come across an article that showcased a British school where they had incorporated a major focus on oral language across the whole school. Starting from day one the children learn skills in not only being able to share their own ideas but how to add onto others ideas, to question and to listen. By year 3 or 4 (about the year level shown in the clip) it was evident the children were not only very articulate in giving their opinions but had also developed greater critical thinking skills where they could look at issues from different perspectives and consider differing viewpoints and had at the same time also developed a set of effective social skills.

In light of the above considerations I have decided my inquiry focus will be..

How can a highly structured literacy programme (Quick 60) in conjunction with a focus on oral language improve outcomes over a 15 week new entrant programme.


My class has filled already so it has been a full-on 4 weeks. I have been impressed with how quickly the children have adjusted to a new environment with new routines and expectations. They are amazing!! 

What I have found is working well is the creative play and using that as a base to help extend language. Having an experience that children have just engaged in that has been  interesting for them but that as a teacher I know what they were doing means I can help extend their language when sharing about what they have been doing. I have been trying to incorporate daily sharing sessions.  What I have discovered in this though is the real limitations the children have in expressing their thoughts and ideas and even in answering a question relevantly. This has meant I have kept the sharing sessions to a quite structured format with children in groups of three taking turns to ask the set question, “What activity did you find interesting” followed by a response then the question, “Who were you playing with?”   Initially most of the children really struggled with this but with repetition and familiarity are becoming more confident. 

The first few weeks has been focussed on learning new routines and practising them, especially with new children starting every week. Already 2 have been shifted into another Year 1 class which has meant that 20 have started in the first 4 weeks. From week 2 I have been trying to include regular literacy small group teaching using the Quick 60 routine. However the reality is that for new new entrants it doesn’t quite run to plan as expected. Everything takes way longer, so I’m not sure that I’m as on track with where we are expecting to be able to get them to by the end of the term.


  1. This sounds amazing after only 4 weeks - and some of them short! Your gifting of language structures will certainly pay off in the long term. I hope you will see some of the fruit of your labour before these students move on from your reception class. Keep up the good work!

  2. What a great way for the kids to start their schooling! I think we often underestimate the amount of learning children do through engaging with others in creative play. The amount of problem solving, discussion and debating that goes on when you observe the children is often so amazing to hear!

  3. You have done an amazing job in setting this up! I love coming in to your room and seeing how engaged the kids are and the value you have placed on play...they are happy and confident and the joy of learning is very evident! Well done you - what a great foundation you are giving them!